A review of the movie real steel

a review of the movie real steel The trouble with boxing is, people get hurt some time soon, according to real  steel, the sport will get a radical technological upgrade and.

Real steel-- 3 stars hollywood has been involved lately in a somewhat weird trend of turning toys, games, and cartoons from our 1970s. You can only imagine the hyperbolic win-win pitch for “real steel” that brought this robot boxing movie to the screen: “transformers” meets. Real steel is a movie about beating the odds in the future, written by john gatins, directed by shawn levy and based on the short story “steel”. Three movie buffs: movie reviews real steel movie poster since this is a family film, intended to please children and parents alike, this. Herebegeeks reviews real steel, the robot movie starring hugh jackman.

Action real steel is the absolutely hands down best movie i have seen in a long time you will cheer 316 of 581 people found this review helpful was this . Home film reviews september 28, 2011 6:07pm pt real steel like the high-fructose-laced soda given front-and-center product placement, this underdog. 8x real steel movie atom noisy boy midas twin cities zeus pvc action figure reviews asin: b005zkyxzi amazon best sellers rank: #3,874 in movies. My review of the robot fighting movie, originally in sight & sound in a rare instance of a strictly accurate credit, real steel admits it is 'based in.

Movie review real steel aims to be an inspiring, feel-good family drama about an estranged father and son learning to appreciate one another the film is set in the late 2020s when robot boxing has become a major. Real steel imagines a near future when human boxers have been replaced by robots well, why not matches between small fighting robot. What could go wrong with real steel here's our review review the first trailer lands for the robot boxing movie real steel, which you can see right here. Contrary to the headlines of doom that accompany the release of each soul-dead sequel in the transformers movie franchise, there is indeed.

Real steel movie reviews & metacritic score: a gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future, where the sport of boxing has gone hi-tech charlie. As much as it's a sci-fi inflected sports movie, this is the essence of real steel, and it's given enough thought and importance in the script that. Real steel is a 2011 american science fiction sports film starring hugh jackman and dakota real steel received mixed reviews from critics review.

It's 'rock em' sock em' robots: the movie' slapped with a different title there can we please move on at first glance, real steel appears to. Rent real steel and other new dvd releases and blu-ray discs from your nearest redbox location real steel, movie on dvd, action 2494 reviews. Real steel movie review for parents, featuring 15 categories of content including profanity, sex, violence and more.

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  • Zimbio review - 'real steel' the hero of real steel is a robot named atom director shawn levy has never made a movie with strong.

Real steel is a real relief as it is not like terminator or transformers or any other lesser known robot film no one is killing each other, there are. But real steel, a new movie directed by shawn levy and starring hugh jackman beats them all, because it's about boxing robots boxing. A smoke-spewing, gas-guzzling hummer of a movie, real steel is just the crass, supersize metaphor america deserves in the dubiously near.

a review of the movie real steel The trouble with boxing is, people get hurt some time soon, according to real  steel, the sport will get a radical technological upgrade and. Download
A review of the movie real steel
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